Band Instruments

Welcome to the adamson website!

The Adamson Band Instrument Company is a new name in the musical instrument world but not a new concept.

Adamson Band Instruments is the result of product development for over 45 years in the Music Industry.

The primary goal of the Adamson Band Instrument Company was to develop a line of band instruments that would be productive for the younger artist in developing instruments that would:

  1. Sound good in a solo or group environment
  2. Have an intonation spectrum that relies on good center tone response for the beginner or advanced player
  3. Compliment the sound performance with quality materials and a design that enhances performance
  4. Include a nice package of instruments and accessories that are usable and look appealing
  5. All complete with a warranty that perfoms well
  6. At a price that makes sense

The secondary goal was to develop a line of intermediate and pro band instruments so that these young musicians could have a better instrument to advance into at an affordable price.

The selection of band instruments became a global venture that included the manufacturing skills of various manufacturers in many countries.

Our devotion to provide the best performance at the best price is uncompromised.

We will continue to develop the best performance instruments available.